Family and Divorce Law

Child Custody, Equitable Distribution of Marital Property, Alimony, and Child Support

A family dispute always involves very personal and emotional conflicts.

Most of the time the conflicts are over how to divide property and/or determine the amount of support, but many times the conflicts can greatly affect the lives of children. It can be very difficult, confusing and frustrating. The assistance of a qualified attorney can ease much of the stress that you face during this troublesome time.

At Heidgerd & Edwards, LLP, we can help you find answers to many of the family questions that seem so difficult to answer. We can also help you avoid many of the common pitfalls many people fall victim to because they do not know their legal rights.

Eric Edwards, the head of our family law division, is a skilled advocate who can help you. He can help you with settlement arrangements, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary help you in a lawsuit. Dick Heidgerd, who has practiced law for more than 30 years, can help you with extremely complex business and property valuations and equitable distribution claims, a vital part of his varied civil practice.

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Our Family Law Practice Includes:

  • Premarital Agreements
  • Divorce, including Absolute Divorce and Divorce from Bed and Board
  • Separation Agreements
  • Marital Property Distribution (also referred to as Equitable Distribution)
  • Child Custody, including complex interstate and international jurisdictional issues
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support, including both Post-separation Support and Alimony
  • Domestic Torts, including criminal conversation and alienation of affections
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Domestic Violence, including representation in both civil and criminal court

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