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Civil Litigation, Family Law, Estates & Probate, Securities Claims

Trust your case to a firm with a proven track record of successful outcomes.

With unmatched expertise in four key practice areas, Heidgerd & Edwards is your local source for exceptional legal counsel with a uniquely personal touch.  We stand ready to serve your diverse legal needs. In Civil Litigation, our seasoned attorneys tenaciously advocate for your rights. We navigate complex disputes with finesse, achieving optimal resolutions through both skilled negotiation and formidable courtroom representation. Navigating Family Law matters requires compassion and sensitivity, which our dedicated team embodies. Whether it’s divorce, child custody, support, or adoption, we provide personalized solutions for your unique family dynamics. For Estates and Probate, we understand the importance of preserving your legacy and will guide you through estate planning, probate administration, and asset protection, ensuring your wishes are safeguarded. Protecting investors’ interests is our focus in Securities Claims. We stand firm against financial wrongdoing, working tirelessly to recover losses and tackle intricate regulatory challenges. Contact us for a consultation. We stand ready and committed to secure your future.

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Civil Litigation

Our seasoned attorneys diligently advocate for your rights, achieving optimal resolutions through skillful negotiation and formidable courtroom advocacy. Trust our proven track record.

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Securities Claims

Defending your rights as an investor, we strive for financial justice, providing tailored strategies to recover losses and navigate complex regulatory matters effectively.

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Family Law

We offer compassionate family law guidance in marital issues, separation and divorce, child custody and domestic violence, seeking a smooth path forward during challenging times.

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Estates and Probate

We craft estate plans according to our clients’ wishes and assist executors and trustees with impartial administration when the time comes.