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About Us

Photo of Dick Heidgerd and Eric Edwards reviewing a case together.

In 2008, Dick Heidgerd and Eric Edwards created Heidgerd Law Office, LLP. They created this partnership because they understand the importance of the trial process in representing their clients' legal rights. However, they recognize the monetary and psychological costs to a client inherent in a trial. It is their policy that they, whenever possible, try early and direct interventions, including pre-litigation alternative dispute measures, to advocate for their clients' legal rights. They feel that arbitration and mediation, in addition to the traditional negotiation and trial process, allow their clients the opportunity to achieve the maximum available benefit without excessive litigation costs.

Photo of Eric Edwards and Jason Spain.

Jason Spain joined Heidgerd Law Office in 2014. He has expanded the firm's capabilities in the transactional practice of law. By providing and emphasizing prior planning to prevent future disputes, Jason's skills as a drafter are fully aligned with the firm's policy of early and direct intervention in the handling of legal disputes with special application in the areas of business law, estate planning, and intellectual property. Jason also practices in the area of International Law, assisting clients with enforcement of international judgments as well as helping clients understand their intellectual property rights within the U.S. and abroad.

Together, our attorneys have over fifty years of combined practice experience and we are ready to put our skills to work for you, your family, or your business today.